Hugo Steakhouse

Web designer & photographer

Photography and updated visual guideline for Hugo "Steakhouse, nightclub and bowling" in Norrköping, Sweden.

The case involved redesigning Hugo's website, reinventing the image style and build a new image bank.

web design


Goals & Desired outcome

Hugo Steakhouse offers a wide variety of services; restaurant and fine dining, bowling and other physical activies, as well as nightclub and occational concerts.

Hugo wanted an updated look and a design that felt appropriate for their different kinds of target audiences, those looking to bowl and those looking to dine or dance.


Design choices

The beige color and the fonts were already established by the graphic profile. A new element that I introduced was a squircle. Derived from the rhombus shape of Hugo's logotype, the squircle would serve as a unique identifyer for Hugo's precence online and is directly linked to their visual language. It was since implemented in the social media feed design as well.

Final design

The final design features a responsive and interactive web page, with a distinct feel and style. The dark and classy components of the design mimicks the high end air of the restaurant section, while still feeling modern and engaging to users seeking to book bowling or looking for information about the nightclub, and thus caters to both types of concsumers.