Hugo Parkfestival 2024

Art director & graphic designer

Hugo Parkfestival is the annual music festival local to Norrköping, Sweden. Niched mainly towards swedish musicians, it attracts visitors of many different demographic segments.

The project involved designing for social media, posters and other printables, as well as managing paid digital marketing.

During the festival of 2023 I also worked as photographer.

Motion graphics


identified problems & Desired outcome

Before I started working with Hugo Parkfestival, the festival was still in the early and formative stages, but had begun to establish itself firmly alongside other festivals nished to the same genre of music. The festival was in need of clear direction and the development of a unique visual profile in order to be percieved as a serious up-and-comer in the business.

Identified problems:
• Hugo Parkfestival wanted a personal and reusable design, that woudn't have to be updated each year, and that represented the core of the festival.
• They had fallen behind competitors in the implementation of motion graphics and video editing.


Research & Process

Previous profiles had lacked direction, lots of bright colours and colour splashes without much strategy to support it, which for a long time was the predominant visual style for many music festivals in Sweden, oftentimes with beach or playa theme. I started by mapping out what was unique about Hugo Parkfestival.

The main characteristic of the festival is the location. It's held in a relatively small park, hence the name.


First draft & initial design decisions

Slylized tree branches as the main design element. The branches were to be used both as still images and animated.

A few other plant illustrations were made to test the design.

First draft: Lineup

First draft: Artist announcement

First draft: Artist announcement

First draft: Ticket info

Revisions & new sketches

I saw a number of issues to resolve after the first draft:

• The colours were too bright, it didn't quite resonate with the other distinctive features of Hugo Parkfestival and the cosy nature of it.

• The design was noisy and cluttered. The many types of illustrations had partially been to test what would look best and was intended to be reduced later on. As a result, I chose to only move forward with the branches. The branches had to be revised since they would occationally melt into the background of images and especially videos, and cause an annoying colour clash.

• The fonts used in previous profiles were Hurshey's and Futura. Hurshey's had established the compressed and fat style, but because of a few issues mentioned below, I had to change it to Morganite. However, I felt that Morganite and Futura didn't quite mix, and the supporting font had to be revised for the new version.

Sketches for branches #1

Sketches for branches #2

Graphic profile & design elements

The old branches had a sort of femininity to them, since Hugo Parkfestival attratcs visitors of many demographics and age groups, I tried to make the new design more gender inclusive.

The new version is more neutral, and to resolve the issue regarding the blending into the background, I added a stroke to the design (which would later become a bearing component of the overall design).

With the old colours as a starting point, I made them more muted and more harmonieus.

Lightest green for logotype and headline text

Light green for main text and illustration stroke

Medium dark green as the primary green

Dark green for backgrounds fields and text


Since a compressed fat font from previous profiles had already been established, I found Morganite to be a suitable replacement. The previous font, Hursheys, had a number of issues; it was incomplete and lacked special characters and swedish letters Å, Ä, Ö, and it was generally poorly produced. Morganite had the same style, but was complete and more professionally produced.

It was used in styles Black and Light for headings and main typeface. Since Morganite is realtively illegible in smaller sizes, Trade Gothic Next in style SR Pro Compressed Bold is used for smaller text.

Detail: Halftone

As the branches and main graphic element had a somewhat cartoon-y look, I started tp experiment with halftone to complement the style. I created a filter, which also lowered the saturation, and added a slight paper texure, that was used for all artist announcement posts.

Morganite Black

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Trade Gothic next

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Final design

Deliverables included a complete graphic profile with fonts, colours, and graphic elements. Including templates for social media, for both still images and videos, and various printed products. I edited raw video footage that was recorded during previous installments of the festival for background videos, to be used for social media posts as well as ads.

I created several kinds of separate templates for informative posts, and artist anouncements, as well as a Lightroom Preset for image editing to create a cohesive feed.


Video design for story, informative and artist announcement

Feed design for lineup and artist announcement

Still story design infomative posts

Lineup for story

Videos for Meta ads